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5 Fun Ways To Stay in Top Form

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“How fit am I?” This is a million dollar question that’s worth asking, and the answer is very simple. To stay in shape isn’t as straightforward as most make it out to be. If you run out of breath after climbing a flight of stairs or taken a walk, then you are not as fit as you thought you were and you need to stay in shape. In a world where trends evolve, the fit-fam trend has become popular. Every morning, you see at least one or two people decked in full gym wear jogging down a long stretch of road. This is a good trend that has come to stay. Now don’t get funny ideas about fit people being people with six packs and large muscles (that is for athletes and bodyguards). Being fit goes beyond the looks, it is also in the feeling.

Contrary to popular belief, it does not take so much work to keep fit and stay in form. You can actually have fun while trying to stay healthy. These exercises take about 15-20 minutes but who is counting? These exercise routines will keep you fit and in stay form at the same time. You may end up going beyond the 15 minutes threshold when you have family and friends join in the fun as working out together help all on your team bond together.

Walking: Walking is a part of our everyday life. We walk from point A to point B without knowing that we are actually working on our bodies in the process. Walking is a simple yet reasonable way of staying fit. All you have to do is walk down the stairs instead of using the elevators (which is the norm for a lot of us).

Stay in shape walking

Walking does wonders for the body. Credit Paul Glendell Natural England

Walking increases your oxygen supply and also helps blood flow around the body. Walking is usually done while taking breaths (you can’t hold your breath while walking, lol) which makes it a form of aerobic exercise. It is a way of giving your limbs and feet a workout without the use of extra props. It also works on your midriff if your posture is right. Outside of the work environment, you can throw on workout clothes and sneakers and take brisk walks down the street. Doing this for about 20 minutes is a great way to stay fit.

Jogging: This is one step up from walking. Jogging is between walking and running. This simply means increasing the pace after walking for a while but not fast enough to be called running. Anyone can jog, even 60-year-olds. Jogging is best done on level grounds with protective footwear i.e. sneakers which absorb the shock of hitting the foot against the ground repeatedly. You can strap your phone or mp3 player to your arm for some soul food as music helps to make jogging an interesting experience. It is important to jog within a close or on a field that cars don’t ply often to avoid accidents. Proper breathing is an important factor as it helps to keep blood flow at the optimum and also reduces the possibility of getting tired. It is advisable to carry a bottle of water to replenish water lost through sweating.

Stay in shape jogging

Skipping: This was originally seen as a pastime for children but it has become a tool through which A-list boxers and athletes stay in shape for that next match or race. The famous Muhammed Ali (among other boxers) spent about 20 minutes skipping nonstop to push up his energy level. Skipping is a fast and fun way to burn calories, lose weight, stay in shape and tone your muscles. Skipping works on all parts of the body which means that you get a full body workout without doing so much. Skipping prompts the heart to pump more blood to the organs in the body making the body energized while reducing the possibility of fatigue. This means that the blood and oxygen reach the brain quickly while leaving your organs functioning properly. All you need to skip is a good skipping rope which is quite affordable. You can skip alone or skip alongside your family and make it a competition of some sort. Get your energy level up, start skipping today!

Stay in Shape Skipping

Swimming: Swimming is one exercise you can do without sweating. Swimming works on different parts of your body; from your core to your back to your heart and limbs as you constantly work to move through water at different paces. Swimming is a low-impact sport which means you don’t expend so much energy or hurt yourself while working to stay in shape. The coolness of the water keeps you refreshed while helping you exercise for much longer. Swimming props range from good swimwears to constant trips to a river. However, if you do not live close to a lake, you should consider joining a swim club (you will have to part with some money but the pros far outweigh the price). This will not only afford you the opportunity to stay fit, you also get to meet new people. This is certainly a fun way to stay fit, don’t you agree?

Stay in shape swimming

Table Tennis: Table Tennis is often called Ping Pong. This is another way of giving your body an intense workout. It is an exercise that more often than not, require the help of a partner. Apart from staying fit, table tennis helps you burn calories and strengthen every part of the body. Running and swinging the arms is an important part of table tennis which makes it a high-intensity sport. To enjoy the game, it is advisable to do basic warm-up exercises like stretching and jumping to prepare the body for quick movements and increased heart rate which is a part of the game. Table Tennis involves a number of props such as bats, eggs, tennis table etc. You can invest in these props or simply join a club for access to a standard tennis table. The good part is that you can bond with family and friends easily. Doing this regularly is a good way to stay in good shape.

Stay in shape table tennis


These are fun ways to exercise with or without your friends. Every workout session is important and time-consuming so be sure to reward yourself with your favourite zero calories, refreshing bottle of water (what were you expecting?)

On your mark. Get ready. Get fit!


Image Credit: Wikimedia

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