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Gay Chinese Man Wins Legal Battle Over Therapy To ‘Convert’ Him

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Wonders, they say, shall never cease and that was the case of a man simply identified as Yu. The said man was said to have been through forced therapy to ‘convert’ him.

The incident which involved Yu, a man from central China drew some attention as he was confined to a mental hospital for forced conversion therapy, for which he won an apology and compensation from the mental institution.

According to reports, he was placed on admission in the hospital located in the town of Zhumadian in Henan province in 2015. This much was admitted by his wife and relatives.

However, since his admission, he was forced to use medication and have injections over the course of 19 days, apparently in a bid to use forced conversion therapy to get him back into ‘normal’ mode. Of course, the case went to court and it was discovered that forcing a man into a mental institution when he did not pose any danger infringed on his fundamental human rights.

The court didn’t just stop there, it ordered the hospital – which had diagnosed Yu with “sexual preference disorder” – to publish a public apology in local tabloids and pay the 38-year-old $735 (£570). This was confirmed in a copy of the judgment posted on AP, citing a copy of the judgment.

Homosexuality has a long history of stigmatization associated with it and it was considered to be a mental disorder in China until 2001. Attitudes though have still remained conservative.

The stigma associated with homosexuality is so sharp that in 2014 gay rights activist Peng Yanhui won $500 for some ‘inhumane treatment he underwent at a private conversion therapy clinic in Beijing where he had gone to investigate the electroshock therapy treatments for homosexuals that it was advertising.

Of course, the service was ordered to be stopped and removed from the internet.

LGBT issues and consciousness is fast growing in China and big cities have lively gay scenes, with Shanghai holding a gay pride parade in June.

Advocacy groups state though, that millions of gay people in China have married heterosexual partners rather than come out as gay due to family pressures.

Lesbian dating app – Rela was shut down by the authorities last month. Users are of the opinion that the move was made because the app expressed support for parents of LGBT children who were handing out leaflets at a Shanghai marriage market, where parents try to find partners for their children and in 2016 a judge ruled that a gay couple could not register as married, the first of such in China.

China’s therapy to try to ‘convert’ gay people include but may not be limited to platonic love relationships, repulsion therapy, shock therapy, and sexual orientation transfer.

The LGBT is awareness is spreading like wildfire and conservative cultures may have a long-running battle with the movement.


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