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Is Halle Berry Pregnant? Representative Speaks Out

Halle Berry is full of surprises and the Cat Woman seems to be back in the news whether for good or otherwise is for you, the reader to judge. Her representative says otherwise though and that also is subject to your analysis.

The 50-year-old mother of two is rumored to be sporting a baby bump and this was brought to the fore over the weekend when she posed for photos at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball in a body-hugging gown crafted by designer Gosia Baczynska. She didn’t just pose to have her photos taken, she also suggested to many that something was afoot when she placed her hand on her stomach while beaming with smiles. The act that has been touted as the code with which celebrities subtly reveal their pregnancy status without overtly saying much about it in public but still making sure the message clear enough for all to decode.

Quite a handful of media outlets have picked up the photos and have started to ask questions: “Is Halle Berry expanding her family? Is she really pregnant or not?

In a twist to the whole drama, Halle’s representative shot down the pregnancy story, telling News Show Extra the actress is not expecting.

Halle is the proud mother of two children with the first – a daughter Nahla, aged nine, being her child with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, and three-year-old Maceo, her son from her marriage to ex-husband Olivier Martinez.

Looking at the picture though; ‘do you think Halle is pregnant or do you go with the representative that says otherwise?”


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