Breaking: Nigeria E-Commerce Giant Lets 67% Of Staff Go -

Breaking: Nigeria E-Commerce Giant Lets 67% Of Staff Go

Nigeria E-Commerce Giant Sacks

Nigeria e-commerce giant Konga Online Shopping Limited has just let more than 60% of its workforce go. This is coming on the heels of a business model change. According to the CEO of, Shola Adekoya, the change was necessary as it would ensure the future of the company.

In an emotion-laden meeting with all staff, the CEO appreciated every effort of everyone and stated that his phone lines are open for them to reach out to him as he would be willing to recommend each and every one of the affected staff, He also commended their commitment to the cause of the business as they have made him proud in their time at

He also stated that the hopes that no matter what they will still be ambassadors of wherever they may go.

The new development at is another cloud on e-commerce in Nigeria and it remains to be seen how this will affect the landscape.


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