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Tiger Held For Drink Driving

Drink Driving Tiger Woods
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

What could be wrong with the ace golf star? Tiger Woods was held for drink driving in the wee hours of Monday.

According to records from Palm Beach County police, Tiger was arrested in the town of Jupiter at around 3 am local time

Recall that the 41-year-old has been working on quick recovery from a recent back surgery and drink driving would be the last thing anyone would expect from the golf king.

In his last┬áblog post on May 25, he wrote that the surgery had relieved terrible pain and that he hadn’t “felt this good in years”.

He also said returning to competitive golf was “positive” but that he would bide his time to be totally free from pain before attempting the compete professionally.

He said:

“I want to play professional golf again but I’m not looking ahead. I can’t twist for another two and a half to three months. Right now, my sole focus is rehab and doing what the doctors tell me. I am concentrating on short-term goals.”

Now, compare the drink driving Tiger to the swinging Tiger. Any correlation?


Featured Image Credit: Keith Alison Via Flickr Under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic


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