Trumps Proposes Solar Panels For Mexico Border Wall -

Trumps Proposes Solar Panels For Mexico Border Wall

Trump proposes solar panels for Mexico border wall

US President Donald Trump is committed to building the Mexico border wall. This was made evident at a rally in Iowa where he told supporters that on his proposed wall along the border with Mexico, he could have solar panels fixed to the wall.

To buttress his point, Trump said the solar panels would provide cheap renewable energy and help to pay for the controversial wall. As it’s obvious that the border region is abundantly blessed with sunlight, this may not be a difficult ask for the American president.

Trump definitely showed off a bit by decisively stamping his copyright seal on the idea when he stated:

“Pretty good imagination, right? Good? My idea.”

It can be confirmed though, that solar panels have been included in the design proposals submitted by companies for the construction of the border wall

Building the Mexican Wall was one of the pointers of Donald Trump’s campaign where he promised to build a wall along the Mexican border in order to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

This promised has elicited mixed reactions and there remains to be seen what the consensus will be among the American people.

It should also be recalled the president stated that Mexico would be made to foot the bill, but his counterpart – Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has dismissed the idea of having to pay for a wall he didn’t ask to be put up in the first place.

The BBC reports that 20 of the applying companies had been shortlisted out of the more than 200 companies that are believed to have responded to the invitation from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to submit designs for the wall. Among them was one from Las Vegas-based Gleason Partners that proposed a wall of steel, cement, and solar panels.


Image Credit: Wonderlane Via Flickr Under Creative Commons 2.0 Generic

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