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Unbelievable! Scientist Discovers Snakes That Hunt In Packs

Snakes - Cuban Boa

This sounds unbelievable don’t you think. It’s so unbelievable but true. There are species of snakes that actually hunts in packs like wolves.

Are you surprised? We are too!

According to scientist Vladimir Dinets, he observed a particular species of Cuban Boa collaborating to catch fruit bats. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville scientist watched this unique phenomenon unravel as the Cuban Boa hunted together and through teamwork improved their chances of catching prey.

Now, you can shout out in fear…

It is worthy of note that this almost unbelievable phenomenon is noticed for the first time among reptiles. Among canines, this is a natural phenomenon but reptiles have never been observed to have been involved in coordinated attacks and hunting, where each snake takes the location of others of the same species into account in order to maximize their hunting successes, until now.

According to the scientist – Vladimir Dinets who observed the snakes’ hunt for fruit bats in Cuba, he says the snakes take up positions across a cave mouth at dawn and dusk with each individual snake positioning itself in a way as to tilt the odds of making a kill in their favor.

In the study’s abstract, Vladimir Dinets stated that:

“Snakes arriving at the hunting area were significantly more likely to position themselves in the part of the passage where other snakes were already present, forming a ‘fence’ across the passage and thus more effectively blocking the flight path of the prey, significantly increasing hunting efficiency,”

Now, is that cause for worry among the human folk? I guess not


Image Credit: Wikimedia


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